How It Works

Jarvis Quant-Algo platform dynamically reports the highest quality Money Flow.

Jarvis tracks options activity, darkpool, technical breakouts and more proprietary indicators on tickers to bring you the highest quality Smart Money Flow. Tens of thousands of trades and indicator data points are processed by Jarvis each day to provide the alerts which really matter.

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Best Features


SMART Options Activity

Jarvis quant algo scans and processes tens of thousands of options trades and reports only and only High Conviction alerts. It's not another Unusual Option Activity tracker. Jarvis reports high quality actionable alerts based on Real Smart Money Flow


Navigating the world of options and stocks can be daunting for new participants. We have an awesome community of tightly knit individuals who are always ready to help. Learn here and become an independent trader.

Jarvis [BOT]

Generate reports on tickers, Analyze them, View Charts, View analyst actions. Search for Jarvis Alerts and much more. Watch it in action on our Discord Server.

Charts & Scanners

Dedicated charts channel with detailed chart analysis. Charts & Commentary about broader markets. Proprietary 'Squeeze' and 'Super Setup' Scanners.



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  • High Conviction SMART Options Activity delivered to your phone via discord app
  • Access to Charts and Broader Market analysis
  • Analyst Coverage (Upgrade/Downgrade/Initiations)
  • Community access via discord app

$49.99 /month


  • Everything from Premium Package
  • Interactive Jarvis [BOT]
  • Super Setups Scanner
  • Cloud Trigger Scanner
  • Squeeze Scanner

$69.99 /month

What People Say?



I’ve been a member of J alerts for about seven months. At that time , I was looking for a service that provides real time data for options. I was considering Ched Flow and other options services. Another trader recommended I check out J alerts. I went ahead and joined the J alerts discord chat. It’s been very rewarding experience. The alerts are relevant, timely and on point .The bot eliminates and filters out all the noise. It allows me to see the real relevant money flow. The best feature that I like, is that it removes all the noise. By that I mean, that it removes but they are data not meaningful and not relevant. All of the flow is highly relevant. J alerts highlights the data bought at the ask Price as opposed to the bid. The community is extremely constructive and supportive. I came from the background has a day trader and I am able to complete numerous day trades scalping options. In addition , I had improved ability as options swing trader. I would unequivocally recommend J alerts service for any level aspiring or experienced option trader.


JarvisAlert is one of the best stock trading system I have ever used in my trading/investing career.
It is a very scientific approach tracking where big money is flowing in the market.
This system has learning curve for the beginners, but for an intermediate trader it will be very helpful to trade with confidence.
I made my money back whatever I lost during first two years of my trading. This Jarvis definitely have the mind stone. What more can I say-I love this.

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