• 1

    All members must be kind, respectful, and supportive towards other participants in the room. Members exhibiting antisocial and/or bullying behavior towards others will be ejected without notice.

  • 2

    Spamming and/or “trolling” behavior is strongly prohibited.

  • 3

    The promotion of other discord rooms, whether they are paid or free, will result in a ban. If you would like to advertise a service.

  • 4

    “Pumping” or deliberately misleading other members to purchase a security in an attempt to artificially raise the share price is not tolerated.

  • 5

    Members who lie, cheat, or steal will be permanently banned.

  • 6

    Please capitalize all tickers ($BABA or BABA). This is just a recommendation to make it easier to follow along.

  • 7

    It is strongly recommended that you perform your own due diligence (DD) on a stock and its price movement before you enter. Taking the word of another trader as your only means of betting on a play is reckless. Please be responsible.

  • 8

    Please do not become a nuisance within the community. Repeated complaints from other members will likely lead to administrative action.

  • 9

    When posting content, it is encouraged that you post it in the appropriate text channel.

  • 10

    Just have fun, make money, and enjoy life.